We are a family run business in Devon. We had difficulty ordering the correct size logs, and when we did they were often brought and dumped outside our premises. We were left to carry them in and stack them away as quick as possible because they were dumped onto the road blocking traffic. On top of this the logs often needed extra splitting as they were too big for our wood burners and Rayburn.

We felt there was a opportunity to give customers what they deserve I.E. requested size log and the type of wood required ( hardwood or softwood ) But also to giving help to carry in the wood and put away for you. We like to think we would go the extra mile for you to ensure your reorder at a later date.


We can deliver them lose or netted for ease of storage!

Taking logs to the barn for drying 10565289_1585980014953966_303007028409846491_n

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